Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watermelon Quilt

This is a picture of the Watermelon Quilt that I finished up a few months ago. The quilt top was pieced together a couple years ago and I just put it in the closet and forgot about it.

In January, my neighbor and great friend, invited me to join her Monday Quilt day. So, I got the quilt out and started quilting. It took me about 2 months to quilt it as I didn't work on it all the time (you gotta stop and cook dinner every now and Hand quilting takes a long time, but is so worth it in the long run.
I think there is a pattern kind of like this...but I made up my own pattern for this

Today, I got the rest of the Batik fabrics for the quilt I am making for my daughter...that is down the road for sure as I have 2 quilts ready to be quilted, and two more that are about 1/2 quilted each.

Will post more pictures of quilts in the future.

PS to all those asking about the TOTES....I got some more really neat fabrics today and will be sewing those in the next couple of weeks and post pictures as I get them done.

Happy Wednesday,

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Jules said...

Beautiful quilt! I got tons of compliments on my towel you made...told everyone to get the link to you off my blog. Hope you get some sales!