Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go Gators

I sure have been busy this you notice, I haven't posted since Sunday. Playing with Zak and entertaining him while his Mama is at school/work is exhausting...haha....I am just OLD....but we are enjoying the time and will remember our summer forever. Wait until you see the little book that Zak and I are making. We have a couple more pages to do, and then I will post to show you.

I have managed to sew a little here and there (mostly in the evenings) and here you go......GO GATORS. I am really liking how cute these are. The larger bag is one of two and was a special request for a friend to give away as a Christmas present. The bigger bag has a tab closure and the small bag has a snap to close (if you are using as a purse as some people have been doing).

Next up: A cute teacher bag and equal time for the SEMINOLES with a bag for you along with a bag made from some really cute pink fabric that I forgot that I had.

Make today a good one and be CREATIVE.



Michele L from Tampa said...

I love these bags but not in Gator form lol

Denita said...

Hey Teresa,

It was sooo good to chat with you last Sunday! Made me realize even more just how much I miss some old faces.

Hope to see you soon! I want to buy a bag from you to.


Anonymous said...

the Gator bags are great...Lisa will love it (or them)


Anonymous said...

I love the gator bags. They will make great gifts. Hunter's teacher is a gator!