Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The pumpkin is carved, the costumes are ready and can't wait to go over to see the grandkids "trick or treat" tonight.

The pumpkin guts are Will post a picture of the pumpkin tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow....big Yard sale here...wish us luck :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ta Ta Totes

This is my friend Debbie.
She was interviewed today by Channel 10 and the story can be seen on this link

Debbie is opening her store in Bellair Bluffs.... PINK FLORIDA THREADS ...grand opening will be November 4th.
She will be featuring the Ta Ta bags as well as other handmade bags, aprons, pillows, jewelry, cards, tea towels, etc. If you live in the area...stop by to see her. If not, check out her website. You can link to it from the news story.

Good Luck Debbie

A week already?

I just realized it has been a week since I posted a, time sure is flying by.
I had the best time this past weekend at the Hilltop Memories annual Creepover. Loads of fun, laughs, great food, and scrapbooking too. Linda does the best job and makes everyone feel so welcome and pampered the entire weekend.
One of the activities was a contest to decorate a mask and was judged by all present. Congrats to Michelle in Sarasota for the winning mask. This was my entry....I had a blast making it.....kind of reminded me of Bart
I call it "Dr. Frank N. Stein".

Tomorrow will be a sewing day....gotta get back to it. I have taken too many days off lately and missing it badly.

Have a good one,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


And again I say...."I don't know how I ever had time to work".

Our Company left this morning and praying for their safe journey home. Was good to have Mom and Richard here for a few days as we enjoyed their company and they really pitched in to help in all the moving and mom even made us a few meals too...which was wonderful.

I helped my daughter move this past weekend and this old girl worked her BUTT off. Even though moving is a lot of work, it sure does help you get rid of a bunch of junk and also to clean...clean...clean. Maybe we should just move all our stuff out in the yard and only bring back in what we REALLY want....LOL.

I spent today trying to get myself back on track...laundry, pickup, cleanup...the usual.

Also made a trip to pick up my sewing machine. I told them that I will see them again in another 10 As long as they can keep the old girl together, I will continue to sew on her. They just don't make machines like they used to.

Hoping to sew at least a few bags this week, but the week is slipping away from me. We have the Hilltop Crop this weekend...woo hoo...I am sure we will all have a Goulish good time. This will be my second Creepover.....had such a good time last year....really looking forward to it. :-)

Catch you later...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Tarts

Mmmmmm..... good

Look what mom made for us today.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Black/White Kitties

So much going on right now.....
My sewing machine broke :-( Yes, I have another one, but I really like to sew on the "old girl". We have been sewing together for about 20 years. The old girl is a Pfaff and they just don't make them like her anymore.

I decided to turn my frustration into productivity and got acquainted with the Viking .....and put together this little Black/White Kitty bag.

Isn't it cute?


Monday, October 13, 2008


Thank you to the supporters of Small Paws Rescue. This bag goes to Linda in Chicago and a donation will be made to Small Paws.

Love the blue and the yellow....Go Wolverines :-)

Linda requested a zipper in this one and I am sure this will be a fun way to show off her team spirit.

Happy Monday,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Five things

My friend Linda tagged me with the FIVE TAG and I tag:
Barb, Debbie, MC, Michele, Julie
5 years ago ...1.Worked for the school system 2.was a lot thinner 3. only had one grandson 4. my car was almost new 5. had not started to collect scrap stuff

5 things on today's "to do" list ... 1. clean house 2. crop at home (wishing I was at a Hilltop crop in Sarasota 3. Watch the Rays game 4. sew 5. call a few friends/family

5 snacks I enjoy .... 1.apples 2. nuts 3. chips (all kinds) 4. cheese 5. chocolate

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire ... 1. get my kids out of debt 2. buy both of them a house 3. set up trust for grandkids 4. buy a new car - don't need one...but would like a of the line...comfy car 5. buy more antique cars for hubby, and add on to his garage to house them.

5 places I have lived ... 1. Evansville, Indiana for the first year of my life 2. Pinellas Park, Florida the rest of the 50+ years.

5 jobs I have had ... 1. Sunshine Speedway 2. Harris Insurance Agency 3. Veghte Insurance Agency 4. Pinellas County Schools 5. Seamstress (self employed)

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I am supposed to be at the Hilltop Crop (I already said that...but dang it...had to say it again), but had to cancel last night because of a family issue.

Better get to my list or my FIVE things won't get Catch you later...


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check out this medium size tote made from coordinating brown Celtic fabric. The lining is solid brown with large pockets on the inside from the same Celtic fabric. This customer decided this will be a perfect gift for her sister for Christmas. :-)

Did you realize that Christmas is only 11 weeks from tomorrow.....YIKES!!!! Where does the time go???

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beach Bag

Isn't this a bright and CHEERFUL Beach Bag? Love it....

Check out all the room inside and lots of pockets too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

personalized tote

Happy Monday everyone,

Did everyone have a good weekend??? I sure did...was at the Hilltop Memories/Kit N Kaboodle crop in Tampa on Saturday had a wonderful time. They sure do know how to put on a nice event and this one was to benefit such a great cause.

Today, is back to the sewing machine and feeding that creativity. This is a tote that I made for a is a present for her daughter for Christmas :-)

I hope the rest of the week is as productive.

Take care,


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoulder Bag

I finally found some of the polka dot fabric that I had been looking for for 9 months now....yippee.

Check out this stylish shoulder bag. The handles are faux leather with silver rings. Most of my bags have magnetic snap, but a customer requested a zipper for this one. She also requested the extra tie in honor of her FAVORITE team :-)

Inside has the key ring and also lots of roomy pockets.

Take care,


I just finished up this Butterfly bag today and I just love it. It seems that I fall in love with each bag as it is completed and it becomes my new best favorite. :-)

Sure has been a busy week...can I say Gator bags, gator bags, gator bags. Those Gators sure are popular...but "it's all good" :-) I have filled all the orders for those and even have one to I hear a taker???

I guess you noticed all the dog bags that I have been making too???? My neice said, "does Aunt Teresa only make dog bags?" LOL No, Dana...I make lots and lots of others too :)

Can you believe that it is October, time is just flying by. grandson got a mohawk yesterday in honor of the Tampa Bay Rays game today. I suppose I feel the same way that Linda feels about them.....surely not my favorite haircut. is just hair and it will grow out, and he is a cutie no matter what hairdo he has.

Have a great Thursday...only two more days until the Charity Crop with Hilltop Memories/KNK. I am sure it will be loads of fun...they always are.

Take care,