Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recipe box

It's a cold day (for Florida's standards anyway) and I decided to stay in and PLAY today.
I am in a recipe swap with some of the ladies from Hilltop Memories and we are exchanging our favorite recipes each month. The album that I picked became stuffed fast with these yummy works of art (recipes).

I searched high and low to find a box to buy, but none were tall enough to fit my recipes. Soooooo......I set out to make my own.

I used two pieces of chipboard and started cutting the pieces...glued them all together and covered with some paper that I already had and VOILA.....
The box is 7" wide, 7" tall and 5" deep.
Can't wait to swap out our March recipes and put in my fun recipe box.

Supposed to be cold tomorrow too.....hmmmm...wonder what my project will be tomorrow??????

Stay warm...see you soon :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nuttin' goin on

Well, nothing in the creative sewing department anyway.

My days seem to go by pretty fast. The last several days I have been working on a photo album that belonged to my grandmother. I took it out of it's old album (because it was a "peel and stick" and not acid free and totally ruining the pictures. While doing so, I scanned each and every one of them...all 205 and had reprints made of each. While mom was still here, we spent a couple hours identifying everyone and any little tidbit she might know about the event and wrote on the backs for my copies.
Now I am putting the pictures in a new album and writing below each picture for mom to take home with her.
Our future ancestors will not have to wonder if the picture was Alford, Dalford, Otho, Ada Nell, or Lila Mae......yes, those are some of the names of my aunts, uncles or cousins :-) Love all those old names and old photos.

I do have a few projects in the works and I will post some pictures in the very near future. We had a little taste of Spring the last couple of days and boy oh boy does that give me energy...can't wait to get out in the yard and plant some pretty flowers and clean up all the Winter debris.

Happy last week of February.....see you soon.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch Bag and Memory pillow

That's an odd combination isn't it??? Lunch bag and Memory pillow :-)

The cute little lunch bag turned out really cute with the little dog print. It is lined with insulate and also plastic. The bottom is large enough to hold the Smart Ones frozen meals with a small salad on top. A little pocket on the back for your napkin and/or money, zip it up and you are ready for work or school. Cute as a button and designed especially for YOU. These run around $30.00.

The Memory pillow was made especially for a very SPECIAL lady who is celebrating her birthday today...Happy Birthday Nanny :-) It was made from her husband's ties. I am sure she will cherish the pillow. If you or anyone you know might be interested in turning Dad's or Grandpa's ties into this gorgeous pillow...let me know.

I am also accepting alterations. If you are in need or know anyone that is...send them my way.

This will be a fun week....having family in for dinner tonight, dinner with a friend later in the week, and some other fun stuff planned for the weekend. Make it a good one, I will check back soon :-)