Thursday, February 2, 2012

TuTu Tote

Do you know a little girl that would love to carry her dance shoes to class in this TuTu Tote????

Can be personalized too.

Antique Quilt

Love, love love antique quilts...they seem to talk to me :-)

A customer of mine (and friend) brought me this quilt top that her mother and aunt sewed probably in the 1950's. We sure didn't have templates or rotary cutters back then but somehow they were able to put together a beautiful quilt anyway.
It took a bit of prep work and I added two borders to it and the backing...but extremely pleased at the outcome. It is machine quilted in a meandering pattern.

I love this kind of work.....if you know of anyone needing this same type of service...feel free to send them my way :-)


For a very cute litle guy....hope he likes them :-)


Oh my...what happened to January??? That was the fasted month.
We started out cleaning out things and purging, I guess that was the New Year's resolution of many.

I am working on pictures and trying to get them in albums. First up on the agenda is a childhood album for my hubby.... And 3 weekends in a row at the Hilltop Memories crops helped in that challenge. The best times a girl can spend is a weekend away with the Hilltop gang :-)

I am also cleaning out my china cabinet and the buffet. I am moving from the small china cabinet that I have had for 36 years and my wonderful son is building me a glass cabinet for the top of the buffet. The construction part is finished, next up...order the glass for the doors and the shelving, then I get to paint it. I am going with white...not quite sure yet if I want to add glaze or not. It is coming along beautifully...what a lucky mama I am :-)

Sorry for no post in a month, but I promise I have been busy sewing too. I did a large alteration job, made some pillows, some bible covers, a couple purses and a quilt. Will post pictures of all of that soon. And...the cutest little dance bag...wait until you see this one :-)