Monday, April 26, 2010


Every now and then we need to be reminded to "take time to smell the roses".

We had a wonderful weekend...took some time out for us and some time out for family. Hope that you had a great weekend too.

I am working on some purses, accessories, and a quilt. Pictures to follow. There is always something going on in Teresa's Creations Studio.

Happy Monday and hope you have a wonderful week.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Purse for Sue

My friend Sue in New York is one patient lady. She ordered this purse from me before Christmas and said she wanted it for Spring. I figured I had plenty of time to get it done after the holidays, etc. Then family matters happened....I am finally back on track and Sue..I am so happy to say your cute purse is on it's way to you. :-)

Thank you for understanding.


Utah or Bust

I just looked at my last post and I am not doing too good at posting, am I? So Sorry.

Well...a few weeks ago (during dealing with my dad's affairs) I decided that life was short and I was going to join the Hilltop gang and go to Utah. We are leaving in June and will be staying at an awesome cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon (Salt Lake City). From the pictures and all the planning....we are going to have a GREAT time. The itenerary is packed with sightseeing, visiting several scrapbook companies (BoBunny and SEI) and on and on. The group decided that they wanted matching totes for shopping and matching aprons for the classes. I am just thrilled that everyone liked them so much.