Saturday, May 22, 2010


As I promised....a bright new day.

Check out this adorable Manatee tote bag. This particular one is sold, but I have just enough fabric to make one more. Thanks to my sister for sharing this treasure..she came across the fabric quite by accident.

The lining is a bright aqua that comes complete with the Teresa's Creations signature pockets and key fob.

coupon holder

Was working on my boredom tonight and like I said earlier....getting up out of the slump.....sooooooo....I made myself a "COUPON HOLDER".

It had to fill all MY needs and I think I like this one.....It has a velcro closure and now I am ready to go shopping :-)


I made a wallet a few weeks ago and still need to work out a few, no they are not available for sale just yet.

I have been looking for a wallet with all the things that I wanted. It couldn't be really FAT, it had to zip, it had to have a change section that I could see the change, of course a place for credit cards, a place for my checkbook, and a place for cash. I think this fits the bill for everything I was looking for. Now to decide if I ever want to make another...LOL

I was told by a local sewing store that I should make up patterns and sell them. That was very flattering :-) Will ponder on it.

Throwing me a few curves..

Life is just that.....a few curves, a few fast balls... coming at me lately. My blog has been dedicated to my creations...but of late..."stuff" is cluttering my mind and stiffling my creative side.

Thank goodness for a loving husband, who listens to me rant, cry, name it.....he listens...sometimes makes comments, but mostly just listens. He breaks his back trying to help us clean out a lifetime of "stuff", drives an old broken vehicle what should have been 2 hours (7 hours) to home only to find out that same vehicle had 2 grenades on board....OMG. The bomb squad took them and blew them up at the landfill....... Just when we think things will settle down, more "stuff" pops up. My friend Jayne talked about "stuff" on her blog today.....and so "stuff" seems to be stuck in my mind and I borrowed your word today...hope you don't mind???...LOL

I have been in a slump for a few weeks.....but dang it....I am ready for this slump to be over.

I hereby declare this.....I AM TIRED OF STUFF DAY...and will be moving on....LOL


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tea Party ???

This is a little off the beaten path of my "creations"...but.....

I was taking a small break and looking out the window of my studio. I have a nice little garden view with a bird bath and a sweet little tea cup that I put seeds in for the birds and what do I see???? Mr. Snake has decided to join the Tea Party...YUCK! He has slithered away and now I am wondering where he has gone? I am not in to "surprise visits"..... I'm not going outside....EVER...LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Polka dots

I met with two very lovely ladies about a week ago (thank you Janie for bringing them to me). Aggie and Donna had so much fun picking out fabrics for their purses made especially for them.
The black/white polka dot purse is a very popular style and Donna liked it for herself, it has interchangeable ties to coordinate with seasons or outfits.

The pink dot and black stripe turned out so cute. It has a zip closure, cloth straps, a pocket on the outside and tons of pockets on the inside.
The stylish little black bag has a zip closure, a hint of lime green trim and lime green lining. It has one outside pocket and tons of pockets on the inside as well. I am sure Aggie will have a lot of fun with these bags.

These ladies also have complimentary accesories to match....sooooo happy that you liked your new bags :-)


Monday, May 3, 2010

catching up

Another item to check off the "to do" list.
This is a GIANT tote that was ordered by one of my scrapbook buddies, Ginni....yes Ginni, don't is finally done :-)

Ginni has one of those stacking snaplock 12 x 12 containers and she wanted a tote to make carrying it to crops easier and also protect the corners.