Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black and White

How about a little trivia this morning???
Did you know that the first color television broadcast was by NBC in January of 1954?
Also, did you know that newspapers were only printed in black and white until the late 1970s?

So, my bags for today are dedicated to the more simple times that I remember as a child. If you were born in the 50's or 60's, what shows do you remember?

I Love Lucy, Dragnet, This is your life, Ed Sullivan, Gunsmoke, The Price is you remember any more?

Have a great weekend and very Happy Labor Day as we honor the social and economic achievements of the American worker.



Michele L from Tampa said...

oh man is that a classy one! love them all the black and white one id really classy

M-C said...

I just love them both and I can't wait to see the one I ordered in person! I'll be thinking of you this weekend! Have fun!!!

buckeyesunshine said...

Teresa, not only do i remember the 50's and 60's. I remember the 40's! My dad brought home a 10" tv in 1948 and I remember watching Howdy Doody every evening...and a show "it pays to be ignorant"...
Your totes, your quilts are all works of art and I hope to be an owner too one of these days.
Friend to Kelcey and Roz,
Connie in Indialantic