Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ta Ta Totes

This is my friend Debbie.
She was interviewed today by Channel 10 and the story can be seen on this link


Debbie is opening her store in Bellair Bluffs.... PINK FLORIDA THREADS ...grand opening will be November 4th.
She will be featuring the Ta Ta bags as well as other handmade bags, aprons, pillows, jewelry, cards, tea towels, etc. If you live in the area...stop by to see her. If not, check out her website. You can link to it from the news story.

Good Luck Debbie


Mom said...

Teresa, you're too much! Wow! I feel honored to get such rave reviews from you. Thanks for the "top billing"....

Love 'ya,

Anonymous said...

I heard about the Ta Ta Totes, but did not know what they looked like. I would need a EEE...No! not to wear, to carry my stuff!