Tuesday, October 21, 2008


And again I say...."I don't know how I ever had time to work".

Our Company left this morning and praying for their safe journey home. Was good to have Mom and Richard here for a few days as we enjoyed their company and they really pitched in to help in all the moving and mom even made us a few meals too...which was wonderful.

I helped my daughter move this past weekend and this old girl worked her BUTT off. Even though moving is a lot of work, it sure does help you get rid of a bunch of junk and also to clean...clean...clean. Maybe we should just move all our stuff out in the yard and only bring back in what we REALLY want....LOL.

I spent today trying to get myself back on track...laundry, pickup, cleanup...the usual.

Also made a trip to pick up my sewing machine. I told them that I will see them again in another 10 years....lol. As long as they can keep the old girl together, I will continue to sew on her. They just don't make machines like they used to.

Hoping to sew at least a few bags this week, but the week is slipping away from me. We have the Hilltop Crop this weekend...woo hoo...I am sure we will all have a Goulish good time. This will be my second Creepover.....had such a good time last year....really looking forward to it. :-)

Catch you later...

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Denita said...

Hope you have a grand time at Creepover Teresa, but then how could you not?