Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check out this medium size tote made from coordinating brown Celtic fabric. The lining is solid brown with large pockets on the inside from the same Celtic fabric. This customer decided this will be a perfect gift for her sister for Christmas. :-)

Did you realize that Christmas is only 11 weeks from tomorrow.....YIKES!!!! Where does the time go???

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Denita said...

Thanks for depressing me about Christmas! LOL

Can you believe it is sooo close . . . geesh already. Speaking of xmas, I need to know if you have any Buc handbags in stock? Will probably want one for daughter.

Yes, I recieved my bag and you know I love it!!! I will get it up on my blog asap. I had already created all of the post in advance for the entire week so that is why you have not seen it yet.

Thanks again Teresa......