Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just finished up this Butterfly bag today and I just love it. It seems that I fall in love with each bag as it is completed and it becomes my new best favorite. :-)

Sure has been a busy week...can I say Gator bags, gator bags, gator bags. Those Gators sure are popular...but "it's all good" :-) I have filled all the orders for those and even have one to I hear a taker???

I guess you noticed all the dog bags that I have been making too???? My neice said, "does Aunt Teresa only make dog bags?" LOL No, Dana...I make lots and lots of others too :)

Can you believe that it is October, time is just flying by. grandson got a mohawk yesterday in honor of the Tampa Bay Rays game today. I suppose I feel the same way that Linda feels about them.....surely not my favorite haircut. is just hair and it will grow out, and he is a cutie no matter what hairdo he has.

Have a great Thursday...only two more days until the Charity Crop with Hilltop Memories/KNK. I am sure it will be loads of fun...they always are.

Take care,

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