Saturday, October 11, 2008

Five things

My friend Linda tagged me with the FIVE TAG and I tag:
Barb, Debbie, MC, Michele, Julie
5 years ago ...1.Worked for the school system 2.was a lot thinner 3. only had one grandson 4. my car was almost new 5. had not started to collect scrap stuff

5 things on today's "to do" list ... 1. clean house 2. crop at home (wishing I was at a Hilltop crop in Sarasota 3. Watch the Rays game 4. sew 5. call a few friends/family

5 snacks I enjoy .... 1.apples 2. nuts 3. chips (all kinds) 4. cheese 5. chocolate

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire ... 1. get my kids out of debt 2. buy both of them a house 3. set up trust for grandkids 4. buy a new car - don't need one...but would like a of the line...comfy car 5. buy more antique cars for hubby, and add on to his garage to house them.

5 places I have lived ... 1. Evansville, Indiana for the first year of my life 2. Pinellas Park, Florida the rest of the 50+ years.

5 jobs I have had ... 1. Sunshine Speedway 2. Harris Insurance Agency 3. Veghte Insurance Agency 4. Pinellas County Schools 5. Seamstress (self employed)

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I am supposed to be at the Hilltop Crop (I already said that...but dang it...had to say it again), but had to cancel last night because of a family issue.

Better get to my list or my FIVE things won't get Catch you later...


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M-C said...

Hi Miss Teresa! I heard that you had a great time this weekend! I am so jealous and I can't make the Sarasota crop either! Darn! Anyhow, since I take being tagged seriously, I've finally answered all those questions on my blog! Have a good one!