Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

Reflecting back on this past, seems like it was January 2009 only yesterday.

*I taught some sewing classes, took some sewing classes and made a ton of tote bags, purses and quilts for us and many other people.
*My husband joined me in the retirement ranks....that took some getting used to, but we are in the hang of it now.
*We moved our son and daughter to different homes.
*We had several yard sales because of all these moves :-)
*We have watched our grandsons grow another year older and all the funny things they say to us each and every day.
*We enjoyed family times....Mother's day with grandma Betty, the winter months with mom and Richard, the boys birthdays, weddings and births of friends.
*We finally got the New/Old truck (1957 Chev Pickup) out of the body shop and on the road.
*We went to Maggie Valley in October to see the beautiful leaves and visit friends.
*We celebrated the life of Great Grandma Betty who passed peacefully in December. We were surrounded by friends.....some we don't get to see all that much, but we know they are always there.

2009 is in our past and I will cherish the good memories...

I think I will use EXPLORE (investigate, discover and examine) as my word for 2010. With both of us being retired now, we plan to explore parts of Florida that we have never seen.

I would also like to take this time to thank you for visiting me here and showing an interest in what I have to share.

Thank you for all of your kind words & comments. You lift me up, you motivate me, YOU, my friends, inspire me.

A from-the-bottom-of-my-heart kind of thank you. For stopping by, for being there, for your support and for your genuine kindness.

Happy New Year...Happy 2010....may this year bring you health, wealth, friendship, peace and most of all LOVE.



Denita said...

What a wonderful post Teresa!! I don't stop in near enough ; }

And I certainly do NOT comment enough either as we all *LOVE* our comments....

I promise to stop by more often my dear...

Teresa said...

Thank you Dee...yes, we all love comments :-)

janierob said...

Beautiful flowers///I assume they are from the "celebration of life for Betty"

you are so wise and beautiful...may 2010 be good for all of us