Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Heirlooms

Quilts are sooooo comforting

I have been working on this quilt for almost a year now (off and on). The trees are several different green fabrics and the background is tons of black/white different fabrics. The christmas light border was hand appliqued and entire quilt was machine quilted due to time restraints (normally hand quilt), but love how it turned out.

Hoping this quilt will become a treasured heirloom to my family as the bed is to me. My grandfather gave this bed to my grandmother for a wedding gift almost 80 years ago.

Awwwww.....the memories.



Mom said...

It really turned out beautiful. Granddad would be proud..

eljay716 said...

love love love the quilt and the bed.

Michele L from Tampa said...

that is one beautiful quilt!

:Jayne said...

aww! You're making me cry! Such a beautiful quilt and bed! Such a great story!

Laura Lee said...

Hi, could you share the pattern or where you got the pattern for this beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it. :)