Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Man Winter

This is our family holiday picture for 2009....what a great family we have :-)

Boy has it been cold. I can't remember it being this cold in Florida for a very long time. I think I froze for about a week, good thing I don't live in the north....yes, I'm a Finally hit warmer weather today and we were able to put all the potted plants back out. We are not sure of the damage in the yard just yet, but looks like we did pretty good. Maybe it is because of all of our trees.

Not much going on in the CREATIVE department the last couple of weeks. I did rearrange furniture in the family room if that counts????

Lots of ideas going through my head to redecorate my guest bathroom...I think there is painting of a vanity in my future :-)

Will check back in a day or so...maybe I will have some CREATIVE news for you then.


eljay716 said...

What a wonderful picture! so glad you got everyone together for it. And you get to have some creative down time. Good for you!

M-C said...

the picture is wonderful! I am sure that it will be the focus of at least one beautiful pace made by you! As for the weather, we haven't seen the sun in so long up here that everyone is tired and mopey! I am really ready for a trip to Florida. I really, really want to see you while I'm down there!