Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Present

Okay...she just picked up the quilt. Michelle expressed a desire for the batik quilt about a year ago and even helped me pick some of the fabrics. I am sure she figured this was just one of those projects that would end up in my closet. I decided it should be for her birthday and I have worked on it for over a month, but feaverishly the last few days to finish it up.

She seemed so thrilled with the finished product, which makes it all worth it.

The picture on the left is of the front, and the back (on right) is just as cool.


HeidiV said...

Looks awesome! Great job, Teresa!

:Jayne said...

That's really beautiful! As is the Gator quilt (for a gator quilt). You are very talented! It's good to see you doing some fun things in your retirement too!

janierob said...

That is sooo will go with anything and everything for year to are so talented!!