Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to school

School will be starting before we know it....August 19th this year.
I retired a year ago, but I remember about this time each year we had very mixed emotions. We were eager to see all of our friends, colleagues and students and surely mixed the biweekly insult we used to call our paycheck...it wasn't that bad, but we used to think it was...lol.

I just finished this tote bag with all my teacher friends in mind. How fun it would be to carry your things to school in this one???

Take care,


kathy said...

Teresa, how much are the school bags and will you have any at the crop this weekend? I am also interested in something that will hold the bind-it-all, with some of the sprials and tools. I would like the machine to sit flat on the bottom and the sprials to sit at the end. Thanks - Kathy

Teresa said...

Is this Kathy L.?

The bag is $25.00 and I only have a couple for sale...my inventory is low from the last crop...thank you to all those wonderful Hilltop gals.
Kathy, we can talk this weekend about what you are looking for.
See you Friday....Teresa