Sunday, January 24, 2010


Paint sure does lift your spirits and gives a room a new glow.

I decided about a week ago to repaint the hall bathroom (next to my studio). I had the green paint (so that was easy)...I had the white paint (so that was easy)....several days later, it is "almost" finished.....if I can ever get enough coats of paint on the accent table.
My vanity is oak and was stained natural. I grew very tired of it and when the granite was installed a couple years ago, it just never looked right with the oak but..... Hubby always made a frown when I said I wanted to paint it....did it anyway....LOL It looks so much better white and I am now wishing that I painted it 2 years ago.

New shower curtain, new door knob, hinges, window blind in the shower, new towels....I even embroidered our initial on the white ones :-)
Don't you just love the cool dress form hanging on the wall. It is about 3 ft. tall and I found it at....Home Goods.
I had this old antique table in the bathroom that was a dark mahogany stain and it is useful, just didn't much like the color. A freind suggested that I paint it. I wanted burgundy...but I tell you the paint dept. must have pushed the wrong button. It is not as MAGENTA as it started out, after 4 coats of paint it is getting closer to my intended color. Since it is an accent piece...the color is fine...besides it is growing on me (one or two more coats should do it)...LOL. The black wire dress form sitting on the floor will sit on the table once the paint is dry.
I painted an old GOLD mirror - black, painted the light fixture - black, painted a wall bracket - black. I had the best time with the paint :-)

Thought you might be interested in what has been keeping me busy the last week :-)

Hugs to you all,


melanie said...

love it! you are right, paint is your friend

:Jayne said...

Looks fabulous! come do mine!

eljay716 said...

looks fantastic!! I love paint! might not always love all the coats it takes, I get bored, but I love paint!

Kip said...

It looks wonderful!! I collect dress forms too and love yours!