Monday, May 4, 2009

Old is now NEW

So you have a jacket hanging in your closet that is really out of style, or it doesn't fit you any more....what is a person to do???

You make it into a neat bag that you can use....use....use :-)
A customer brought me a silk jacket and requested a tote from it. This is the nicest fabric that I have sewn in a very long time.
The lining is a perfect compliment to the fabric. She requested the straps a bit longer, a zipper and lots of pockets inside. And the bonus is that I was able to make the jacket pockets work for the outside as well.

Hope she likes it :-)


:Jayne said...

As always, your bags are awesome. You make me want to retire NOW! I love your creations, JIST love them!

eljay716 said...

you are amazing!! whats not to love about it??? we missed you yesterday. Stacey's dad asked about you!