Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Retirement to my dear Hubby :-)

Friday, May 29, 2009 is Retirement Day for my dear husband.

Everyone dreams of this day and Wes is no exception. He has worked 36 years for Florida Power Corporation a/k/a Progress Energy and has dedicated his entire career to the production and safe working environment of Paul L Bartow Power Plant. It is very fitting that Wes and the Bartow Steam Plant retire at the very same time.

Wes has worked with many wonderful men and women over his 36 years and most know him as a man that says what is on his mind, stands up for what he believes and puts others ahead of himself.

In 1976, Wes and two other men were seriously burned during an explosion at the Power Plant. Wes spent 9 weeks in Tampa General Hospital, but was back to work in four months still dedicated to his job....even more than before. Many have asked him why or how could he go back. He always told them that he was young and needed his job, and this is what I do.

This is the end of one chapter and beginning of a new one full of happines, joys, adventures and fun. Also...our two little guys are sure looking forward to having Papaw here FULL TIME :-)

We are so fortunate to have this caring, wonderful man in our lives...

Happy Retirement Wes.


Anonymous said...

My dear daddy is a wonderful man and he has dedicated his life to what he believes in. He has taught me many things in my life and I love him for everything he has done for me and now his Grandsons. They love him dearly also. I love you dad!!!


Teri said...

What a great story! Congratulations to Wes! What a great role model he is!

HeidiV said...

Great job Wes! Congrats on being such a great guy!

:Jayne said...

Congrats Wes! If you are have as sweet and generous as your wife, you're an alright guy.
I hope you enjoy many years of retirement.

Roz said...

Wow....nice tribute to Wes. Enjoy all the time you will now have together, and make sure you keep your girl time and he has some guy time! Miss you!!!!