Friday, May 22, 2009

Fruit Ladies

The ever-popular Fruit Ladies.........

so much fun :-)


Dianne said...

Teresa, My name is Dianne Newcom and we are cousins. Your mother and my father (Bill Fox) are 1st cousins. We played together when we were little. Your mother showed me her purse yesterday and I loved it. I like the size of the Fruit Ladies and am CRAZY about red. I also like what you did with the Waverly fabric. Can you make me something like that and give me a price. I am so excited about this!

Teresa said...

Hello Dianne,
I remember....has been a very long time though :-)
I have lots to choose from and ideas, ideas...but would like to email you some questions, etc. Can you send me your email address to

Thanks Dianne...look forward to creating this bag for you