Monday, June 20, 2011

Texas Longhorns

We have been waiting to show you all this Texas Longhorn beauty because it was a birthday present from me and Michelle to Fredy. We celebrated birthdays and Father's day yesterday...oh what fun we all had too :-)

We ordered fabric for the backing (as it's a little hard to find Texas fabric in Florida) and then Michelle started to "borrow" shirts from Fredy's closet - one by one. LOL She then got chicken and had to tell him she was taking them and gave him a little hint as to what she needed them for. It still didn't seem to spoil the surprise. He was SUPER thrilled to receive his quilt and his shirts are no longer just hanging in his closet. They are now forever preserved into this quilt for him to use and use and use.

Happy Birthday Fredy


Kip said...

How cool!!

Jo Ann said...

What a great job. A Bithday gift like no other.......