Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lots of color

Special orders are my "special-T" and this one was for Janie in Riverview. She wanted the colorful puzzle piece fabric for the outside. And for the pockets inside, she wanted each one (of the SIX) to be a different color. Ok...no problem there..... Janie is a very organized person and wanted to organize the inside of her purse as well. :-)

I delivered it to her about a month ago and she seemed THRILLED with her new purse.

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janierob said...

"seemed" thrilled??? Oh, my dear, I WAS totally thrilled. It is just perfect in every way and I get so many comments about it. Two ladies at Sam's Club stopped me to talk about it. You are a magician! You take my ideas and sew it into a real thing.

Thanks so much,