Saturday, July 24, 2010

Laptop bags

My idea all started when I was getting ready to go to Utah with the girls. I needed a bag for my 13" laptop and I couldn't find one that I liked or that wasn't $35.00.

Several of the girls saw my bag and love it, but mostly the handle feature. It makes it easy to pull out of your tote bag, rolling cart, etc.
Pictured are covers for the Netbook, 15" laptop and 17" laptop.

So I decided to get out my sketchpad, my tape measure, fabric that matched my bag and the idea was born.


eljay716 said...

I want to buy a laptop just so I can get a bag. I love em!

Marie-Claire said...

Those are so cute! How much are they? I'd love a 15 inch mac one for my MIL's christmas present! Maybe others too. Any manly man ones?

Kip said...

I LOVE LOVE mine!!!

Michele L from Tampa said...

i think I have a 19 inch - will need to see. lol

:Jayne said...

Mine went on it's first official trip this week! I loved it! Sure was better than hauling that big rolly tote. Thanks Teresa!