Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tea Party ???

This is a little off the beaten path of my "creations"...but.....

I was taking a small break and looking out the window of my studio. I have a nice little garden view with a bird bath and a sweet little tea cup that I put seeds in for the birds and what do I see???? Mr. Snake has decided to join the Tea Party...YUCK! He has slithered away and now I am wondering where he has gone? I am not in to "surprise visits"..... I'm not going outside....EVER...LOL

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Denita said...

OMG . . . thanks for the good laugh this morning!!

Did you make this saucer and cup feeders yourself? I have wanted to do this for sometime and have collected the items. The house I'm moving to in June has the *PERFECT* backyard . . . I CANNOT wait!!! I love feeding the birds ; }