Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Polka dots

I met with two very lovely ladies about a week ago (thank you Janie for bringing them to me). Aggie and Donna had so much fun picking out fabrics for their purses made especially for them.
The black/white polka dot purse is a very popular style and Donna liked it for herself, it has interchangeable ties to coordinate with seasons or outfits.

The pink dot and black stripe turned out so cute. It has a zip closure, cloth straps, a pocket on the outside and tons of pockets on the inside.
The stylish little black bag has a zip closure, a hint of lime green trim and lime green lining. It has one outside pocket and tons of pockets on the inside as well. I am sure Aggie will have a lot of fun with these bags.

These ladies also have complimentary accesories to match....sooooo happy that you liked your new bags :-)


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Teri said...

LOVE the polka dot with the tie, very cute!