Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday Y'all

It's been a while since my last post...I know...I know. :-)

I have been a little preoccupied with family, sewing, friends and fun. So, that's a good thing...right?

Mom and Richard just left to go back to cold Kentucky and to assess the damage from the ice storm and now the wind damage that went through last week. They surely have had their share so far this year. Let's just pray that they have a nice summer with enough rain to make for a beautiful garden.

Last week, our oldest grandson hurt his foot and we thought for sure it was broken...but the X-rays say it is just badly sprained. He has been babying it for over a week now and still limping a bit.

Saturday, I went to a wonderful crop presented by Hilltop Memories at a lovely church in Sarasota, Florida. Linda sure did pamper us for a wonderful Valentine's day crop. When I got home, hubby had cleaned the house and had flowers for me. Awwww...aint he sweet? Life is GOOD!!!

I have been collecting more of the rescued (recycled) garments and making a few more bags. I am getting great revues on these and having so much fun putting them together.
As long as I can remember, one of my greatest joys has been to take something discarded and make it new again. Once I found an old oak chair along side the road. It had a cained seat that was destroyed and was even missing a piece of wood...but the chair was too pretty to just let it go. I cleaned the wood, stained, varnished, replaced the wood and even recained the seat. Love that little chair.
That's how I feel about these purses/bags. Take an old shirt or skirt that is no longer needed or wanted. The fabric is usually a bit limp, and I wash (sanitize), and prep the fabric with a special process and again. :-)

This is the bag that I made this weekend from a skirt...check out the cutwork and beading. Love this little bag....

Have a great day. I will be back later in the week with another bag that I am working on.



Denita said...

Teresa, I LOVE your new bags darling!!! And I especially LOVE that you are making them out of recycled garments. I will look at the thrift store with that in mind tomorrow if you would like me to...
What type of material is best?

Also, did you get my response to your question about how I am adding the writing on my 365 photo's?

Hope to see you soon...

Denita said...

P.S. We have the same taste in music!!!!

:Jayne said...

Love the latest bag!
So If I have a special garment you can make it into a bag for me? I can't wait to get my bag from Linda when I come down for the cruise. Wish you were going! See you soon.

janierob said...

It is so much fun to know you! You have such a zest for life! Who else would get excited about old, or should I say,"vintage", clothes.