Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drive in style

OMG...this was too fun.

This little cutie is another of the "rescued" Eco-Chic bags just begging to go for a ride in your cute little sports car....or we can all dream that we have a little sports car. What fun to carry this one. The lining is blue/yellow stripe with my signature pockets and key ring on the inside, completed with adorable bamboo handles.

Check back soon...something about drink of the day .....LOL....LOL



M-C said...

It's always a thrill to look at everything you've created! I'm thinking I need a pretty new summer bag o tote all my things in. Hmmm when will I get to see you next? Big hugs!

eljay716 said...

I like it!

:Jayne said...

Loving it! I'm all for a drink of the day!