Sunday, May 27, 2012

100 year old Crazy Quilt

I am so lucky that this lady trusted me so much with her prized possession. This is a quilt that the lady that raised her started in 1910 and she asked me to finish it. It seems Inez was born in that would make her about 50 when she made this quilt top from wool scraps and velvet scraps and a lot of colorful embroidery work. My customer was telling me the story of her mother. It seems her mother died at age 3 and she asked Inez to raise her child. So this quilt means the world to my customer and she was so pleased to have it finally finished and will display it proudly in her home with wonderful memories of her mom.
The top picture is the quilt top as it was delivered to me and below is the quilt after I added embroidery to each seam where the squares were joined. I also added the vintage looking fabric back and burgundy satin trim. The quilt was tied at approximately every 6 inches with blue DMC Cotton Perle thread.

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Kip said...

beautiful job Teresa!!