Friday, May 20, 2011

Pin Cushion Anyone?

This has been a busy month as you can tell. I haven't blogged in about 5 weeks. Sorry!!!!
I have been creating up a storm.
I made 14 patio cushions for a lady (a referral by a friend...thanks Kathy).
A bunch of alterations, cut out a memory quilt, made purses and purses and more purses, with matching accessories. And oh yea....two more items that I will blog about in another post.

But on to the cute little PIN CUSHIONS. I had so much fun making each and every one of these. It seemed that as I made each one, it became my new favorite.
I have always admired the ones that Mary Englebritt has to offer, but wanted something with my own twist to it. Some of my scrapbook friends are making those cute stickpins and of course I want to make those too. But I wanted a FUN pin cushion to put mine in. I am so flattered at all your response so far. I made 14 and more than half of them are already gone.
Oh yes, I plan to make more of these fun little for future posts here and/or facebook.
Happy Friday...for me, a CREATIVE day is a HAPPY day :-)


Kip said...

Hope one of those is mine!!!

Teresa said...

Yep, the one w/ lady bugs and the red flower. Another lady wants the same one :-) Nice choice.

M-C said...

I want some muffins! Darn I wish I were there to pick and choose! I want one to match my craft room! They are so very cute!!!!