Sunday, August 2, 2009

Princess or Little Slugger

A princess can be a little slugger too...or just maybe the parents are BIG Boston Red Sox fans. Either way, cute diaper bag to hold all the necessitites and show support for your favorite team all at the same time.

Since it is impossible to find "pink" Red Sox fabric or any baseball fabric as far as that goes.....we must go to the design board and create our own. This cute pink stripe fabric is the background for the hot pink appliqued letters
" R E D S O X".
The baseball is cut from a themed fabric and stitched on. As with all my bags, pockets are a must and the inside is loaded with them....along with a key fob and snap closure tab.

Welcome little Red Sox Princess :-)


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Anonymous said...

Cute bag! FYI saw some pink gator material at super walmart in New Tampa.