Monday, January 5, 2009

365 Special Days

Good morning,

Everyone is back to work and/or back to school today and I have the house to myself. There is something that can be said for the sound of silence for a couple hours.

My week is scheduled and I am ready for 2009. 2008 is in the past....looking forward to the future with family and friends.

Some of my friends from Hilltop Memories (a traveling scrapbook company) will be doing the 365 day journal the year. Some are doing the one they purchased from Creating Keepsakes and some of us are doing our own thing with materials that we seem to have a MOUNTAIN of already.

My album is a 12 x 12 from Heidi Grace Designs (that I got for a steal last week at JoAnn's) and the paper is 27+ sheets pulled from my stash. I will be doing a page a week and since most of the paper will be double sided or card stock...I will be using both sides.

The first picture is my title page and then the next picture is WEEK one (minus Sunday- because I haven't gotten the picture printed yet). The pictures will be anything from the flowers in my garden, the grocery cart, to a new pair of shoes, to my grandsons. I will let the day guide me. And, when we look back 10 or 20 years from will be kind of fun to see how things change in our world.

So far this is an easy project, but it is only week one too. Ask me again around week 15 or 30...LOL

Have a very happy Monday and I will be back soon with a picture of sewing projects :-)



dawn said...

Love the way you're doing your 365 album.

eljay716 said...

I love it Teresa. Great idea. Maybe I will do that and sell mine on EBAY for hundreds of dollars. LOL

Pearlann66 said...

love your new background!!

Denita said...

Great job Teresa! Love how you are creating your own....