Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fab weekend

Is it Sunday night already???? I am totally bushed, but had a FABULOUS weekend.

Michelle (dear daughter) and I went to the Hilltop Crop in Sarasota yesterday and got lots of really neat things done. Was so nice to see Linda, Michele, Kathy, Stacey, and Michelle and the other Sarasota gals. MMMM good...that Linda can cook some good chicken and mashed taters.

Today was the Antique Alley show in Bellair...what a nice show that is....lots of really nice people and loads of really cool things...especially at Pink Florida Threads. Debbie is so talented...and has some of the works of her very talented friends in her shop as well.

My plans for this week is to sew...of course.....a week without sewing is not a happy week for I am making some really cute Christmas stockings...will post a picture soon.

Hope you had a good one.


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Anonymous said...

I missed being with you, but I can't be everywhere. I'm still hoping to meet Michells sometime soon.