Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Hilltop

Hilltop's Birthday Party

This past weekend was Hilltop's Birthday party. (Hilltop Memories has fabulous roving crops complete with store). Linda sure does know how to celebrate....lots of good food, great group of ladies and fun fun fun. Check out the cute tote bags...I had these available at the crop. Thank you to the ladies that purchased one for their very own. It seems that we can't have enough tote bags to hold all of our important things and these little Scrappy Bags are just perfect for holding embellisments, photos, or whatever the need...and sold for $25.00 each.
Check out Jules blog to see another tote that is available...
I will post totes again soon that I have....if interested, email me at

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Anonymous said...

I love my scrappy bag...thanks for creating it!